Filoxenia B&B

In Ancient Greece, FILOXENIA was right, with the host being expected to make sure the needs of his guests were met. Filoxenia is a place for people who want to holiday away from city noise but still close to the Sea.Filoxenia is made with respect to the environment.Here there is luxury and extreme comfort. Here you will be in contact with nature. Which gives you every day small and inaccurate surprises. In the morning the Sun is so sweet that makes you automatically smile. The shadows of the 200-year old olive trees ensure that a refresh. The evening sunset is simply breathtaking .These are the small miracles of nature. The miracle that happens among unknown people is more magical. Here you come into contact with people from other countries, other cultures. Here you create a beautiful and cosmopolitan neighborhood. Here we discover the greatness of humanity and that nothing could not divide us.
Believe me visiting Filoxenia is an experience that you should live if you decid to visit the south of Albania and Himara.
Outside the wooden houses we have built a very nice kitchen and a place serving the meals .In the kitchen you can cook everything you want and to uses the BBQ. Also there is much free space where you can sit under the olive trees and enjoy the coolness of the shade. In the area there are 2 hammocks to hang. Also you can enjoy the beautiful flowers or to visit our small garden with vegetables.